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Top 5 video game drinking games

Drinking games have always been popular among college students, but they are remaining just as popular now with younger adults. Drinking games are played at parties, during movies or TV shows, and so on and so forth. Here a shot, there a shot, everywhere a shot, shot! What’s more fun that drinking? How about playing a video game and drinking game together? Yes, sign me up!

Are you ready to get your drink on? These are our 5 favorite video game drinking games and of course, how to play them!

#1 – Any Mario Cart

Mario Cart is by far one of the most popular drinking game video games. And it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a really popular driving game that’s super fun for everyone. And make it more fun and into a party game with a drinking game.

How to Play:

  • Before the round starts, everyone should open a beer or bitch beer of choice.
  • Objective: Drink the entire beer during the round before you cross the finish line.
  • Kicker: You cannot drink and drive. Vehicle must be completely stopped before you drink.
  • Winner: First person to finish their beer and the race.

#2 – Any Super Smash Bros

Any of the Super Smash games are great to turn into drinking games! Having a group of friends over for a night of fun gaming? This is a great way to drink and play and cut up with friends.

How to Play:

  • When you die, you chug a beer until you fall of the respawn platform or it disappears.
  • It’s really simple and if you die a lot, like me, you’ll be drunk before round 1 ends.

#3 – Rocket League

I might not suggest drinking while playing with people you don’t know because well they might get aggravated really quick with your skills or lack thereof. Especially when your skills continue downhill.

How to Play:

  • Drink if opposing team scores
  • Drink 3 times if you score in your goal
  • Losing team finishes their drink off

#4 – First Person Shooters

This could be any first person shooter games like COD, Battlefield, Halo, etc. With so many similar traits between games, it’s easy to make the rules for each game fit.

How to Play:

  • You die, you drink
  • Melee death, drink 3x
  • Sticky bomb kills you, drink 2x
  • Take a drink for your place/score. First place drinks for each person below them, etc. The better you score, the more you drink. Helps even up the playing field.

#5 –Any Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball is already a super fun, but kind of difficult game. I mean rolling around in a ball trying not to fall off the ledge. Then add liquor. I imagine lots of cursing and yelling.

How to Play:

  • Everyone gets 1-2 tries to complete the level. Give 2, it’s not that easy sober. Pass the controller to next player after your tries.
  • If you complete the level, everyone else drinks.
  • If you die, you drink

Drunk Yet?

Play with beer, drinks, or shots. Pick your own poison. And have fun! There are tons of other video games that can be drinking games and you can also make your own!

Which video game drinking games have you tried? Which ones are your favorites?

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